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Space to breathe

Updated: May 23, 2020

Space to breathe

Take space. You are space. We are space.

Living in a world of constant duality, it can be difficult to feel spacious, free, and happy. In the world of right or wrong, black and white we feel trapped and heavy. Unable to see the infinite possibilities of reality that exist in each moment. This cloudy vision is your sign. When we realize we are stuck, the realization of the clouds in our skies is our sign to wake up and choose. Choose to give ourselves space from a conditioned dualistic world.

Questions like “Do we have free will?” and “Does anything really matter?” can bring us into spirals chasing our tails. We spend our lives either giving no attention to these questions, as most people do, or we find ourselves frequently revisiting these questions as our lives change. Living in an uncertain middle ground of which belief to embody and move forward from, depending on circumstance. If we need to feel powerful we will have free will. If we need to play the role of being a victim then we won't have free will.

If I am to believe I don’t have free will, I could feel victim to circumstance, or I could feel there is no real weight to the actions I take because they are not actually my choices and therefore have more faith and trust in the process of life. If I am to believe I do have free will, I could feel guilt around any choices I have made that caused suffering, or I could feel empowered by the idea of having the ability to change my reality. What if both are true?

Consider this.. A reality where you and the Divine are creating this reality together. It's a joined effort of you wanting to live and life wanting you to be alive. But as soon as you decide that you don't want to live, life will start to create that reality with you. You will be reflected in your external world with reasons not to go on living. But where did that idea, feeling, or thought of not wanting to be alive come from? Most would consider external circumstances to be the cause of depression, anxiety, or ptsd. Past traumas accumulated pain over time. And then it becomes a question similar to the chicken and the egg, which came first? The internal power and will or the external power of circumstance? Is there a difference? When we can finally see the chicken and the egg are the same thing the question falls apart.

I choose to live in balance with all realities and all truths. I use the word choose, knowing in this moment, that I can decide what to believe. Whether that decision was only a result of my life circumstances or God’s will. To me, the answer is yes and no. Living in a space of duality has never brought peace and wholeness to any aspect of my life. To me the feeling of balance, peace and happiness rises above any need to stand in black or white, any need to be certain.

For me balance is a space of equilibrium of all perspectives. I choose to see all sides as possibilities. I definitely would advise anyone to make their own exploration of these possibilities but I’d like to offer an idea that comes from living in the grey area of life. I like to call the grey area the space where all of life exists. It looks more like a rainbow or a beautiful sunset. In this space there is the possibility to live harmoniously where we both have free will and don’t at the same time. This place looks like a balance between discipline and surrender and knowing what feels most fitting for my life in each moment. From this space there’s an infinite amount of possibilities waiting to be embodied waiting to be explored. So I’d like to invite you to create space for yourself. In this space what is possible for you? In a space without duality, where no idea could be right or wrong, what kind of reality do you choose?


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