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Life is a journey..

Here are some of my upcoming projects that I would love your support and participation with!

-A Book! This is an invitation into a journey of receiving transmissions and stories that explore, contextualize, and create an experience of universal consciousness. As the creator I am just a catalyst to a higher experience. I create and transmit with the intention of supporting the highest vision of the individual and the collective as an integrated whole. These creations illustrate the availability of conscious creation in each turning point of our lives. I would love your support in the creation of this book donations are welcome and appreciated (please put a note saying what the donation is for). If you or anyone you know has experience in publishing books please contact me!

-Community! I am taking my tools as a facilitator outside of my usual platform and creating a space for more to receive from. I will be offering creativity, breath work, and authentic relating workshops regularly. If you'd like to stay updated on events to come click below!

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