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The feeling of truth. Our truth can not be denied. We can try to deny it in multiple ways to distract ourselves. We have methods of “relaxing” to avoid and pretend things are okay, that only work short term. After we’ve wrapped ourselves in our comfy blankets and eaten all of out comfort food, something else will come along to challenge us. To try and wake us up to changes that need to happen. To wake us up to this truth that is always there. It has been waiting for you to show up. To embody your true highest self. I don’t mean highest self as in some magical illusive being that is outside of you. I am talking about the version of you that feels happy, healthy, free, and fully believes you are loved. How does this self show up? How does this self, this you, show up for you? When we start to ask these questions life opens the door to new pathways. Meditation, yoga, energy healing, etc. are all amazing ways to be reminded of how it feels to sit in this embodied self. Now in this place, how will you embody this in your life? What kind of choices will you make from this space?


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