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Visionary Artist • Certified Whole Person Coach • Certified Integral Breath Therapist • Internal Family Systems Facilitator • Shamanic practitioner •

200 hour RYT • Light Weaver

Cameron has a gift and a passion for supporting others in discovering their true nature. With curiosity and compassion she supports an exploration of each individuals world creating a container of transformation into an authentically aligned life.  Her extensive ongoing practice of holistic systems has gifted her the tools and experience to connect deeper and hold an immense amount of presence, compassion, and expansive space while providing for others. Some of her own experiences are visually displayed in the artwork she creates depicting some of

her deepest transformations through her life journey. 

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CAMERON GRAYSON was raised in a small artist's community flush with nature, as a bright eyed and curious child. That abundance of Earth energy, creativity, and curiosity helped shape her perspective, opening her eyes to the vision of life as an ever unfolding work of art. She learned at a young age how to balance surrender and creation to form a beautiful life. She believes that every moment we are present to experience Life is an opportunity to add another layer of color to the masterpiece that is the Self.


Her experiences in the secular world sparked a journey that left her at times bereft of her creative spirit, however. At age 15, she left public schooling and was formally diagnosed with agoraphobia, depression, and anxiety. Her overwhelm with this society lead her to discover an alternative learning cooperative where she designed her own education full of explorative philosophy, emotional intelligence, visual art, and alternative education it’s self. At age 17 she took on community college art classes that crushed her artistic expression. She was left with her passion for alternative education and at age 19 co-founded a new learning cooperative with her mentor. Here she was supporting a new healthy system for teens to explore their purpose. 

She worked at the Learning Cooperative for 3 years until she decided she wanted to explore more in the philosophical and holistic realm. Cameron enrolled in yoga teacher training where her world expanded, finding a deeper sense of peace, compassion, and pure curiosity for her internal and external world. Her connections here lead her to discovering and working at the Omega Institute, the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, and Retribe.


With the retirbe community Cameron found the most powerful tool that radically transformed her experience of life. Holortopic Breath Work combined with Integral Breath Therapy left Cameron with a new found sense of awe and innocent joy. She was free from her previously diagnosed mental illnesses and had an impenetrable underlying sense of hope. Seeing her own and others transformation lead her to many more of her own sessions and eventually a certification with Integral Breath Therapy to expand this life changing modality into the world.


From there, her joy took her to previously unfathomable heights. At the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors Cameron rediscovered her creative spark and love for community. She learned the magic of meditative creation and her art became a tool for inner exploration, a means of transmutation, informed by her studies. 


She then learned about Omega and moved in to one of her most abundant community experiences. Here she trained in Reiki, Shamanism, Conscious Communication, and Internal Family systems. She rediscovered her passion for supporting individuals through the process of actualizing a sense of wholeness in all aspects of their lives and was inspired to become a certified Whole Person Coach with Coach Training World. Her most impactful experience was being introduced to Authentic Relating Games. These practices were so impactful for her because they served as a grounded way to deepen all of her connections within the community. These tools completely shifted her relationship with herself and the world around her. She decided to dive even deeper at the Authentic Leadership Training in Austin where she learned how to powerfully and authentically lead connection experiences for groups. She now facilitates on the COnnect online platform.

Curiosity is still what carries Cameron through this world and through her work as a Life Coach, Breath Therapist, Visionary Artist, and Authentic Leader. She believes that through curiosity, life opens and expands in ways that we never previously imagined. These new possibilities and the steps we choose to take, create opportunities that completely transform our lives. She holds so much gratitude for every layer of color her life's journey has made of the masterpiece she calls her Self.




Life is a work of art.

Resources from Camerons Journey:

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