Visionary Artist • Certified Life Coach • Reiki Master • Shamanic practitioner • 200 hour RYT • Light Weaver

Cameron has a gift and a passion for supporting others in discovering their true direction and balance. This support guides individuals toward their highest potential and provides a foundation for the life of their dreams.  Her extensive experience in holistic practices has gifted her the wisdom and tools to connect deeper and experience an immense amount of presence while providing for others. The experiences she has are visually displayed

in the artwork she creates depicting some of

her deepest shifts through her life journey. 



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CAMERON GRAYSON was raised in a small artist's community flush with nature. That abundance of Earth energy and creativity helped shape her perspective, opening her eyes to the vision of Life as Art. She learned at a young age how to allow all that she saw to flow through her to the canvas - herself being shaped by the images she created. She believes that every moment we are present to experience Life is an opportunity to add another layer of color to the masterpiece that is the Self.


Life is a work of art.


Her experiences in the secular world sparked a journey that left her at times bereft of her creative spirit, however. At age 15, she left public schooling and was formally diagnosed with agoraphobia. At 17, her experiences with community college further crushed her artistic expression. With the intention to heal, and to find a new path of service, at age 19 she founded a learning cooperative with her mentor; at 20, she took up yoga teacher training; at 21, she joined the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors community and finally rediscovered her creative spark - now ablaze with innocent joy and a desire to explore the inner realm she had been hiding from for so long.



From there, her joy took her to previously unfathomable heights. Her art became a tool for inner exploration, a means of transmutation, informed by her studies in Reiki, Shamanism, Holotropic Breathwork, Life Coaching and Authentic Relating. Finally in 2016, she discovered Omega, the space which would support some of her most profound transformative and healing experiences. She holds so much gratitude for every layer of color her life's journey has made of the masterpiece she calls her Self.


Cameron Grayson

(609) 433-1697