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May - August 2023

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A 4 month online group journey that transforms lives to a state of ease, abundance, and freedom while deepening connection

with self, other and the universe.

The Winds of Change group journey will move your inner and outer world toward a state of ease, abundance, and deep connection with self and the universe. We will utilize Integral Breath Therapy- a powerful technique that can shift even the most stubborn unconscious patterns, and stagnant areas of your life. Together, we will explore multiple powerful somatic modalities to support the group in naturally accessing a healthy emotional range, healing relational patterns, and tapping into the eternal life force within us. We will use the group dynamic to create connection, safety, co-regulation, and integration while moving deeply through our process toward transformation.

Limited Spaces Available!

This program was created for those who are desiring more opening and transformation in their lives and in how they move through the world and in their bodies. It’s for both experienced and new “breathers”. This will be a group of individuals who know that there is more to life than how they have been functioning. People who are inspired and intentionally motivated toward a deeper sense of aliveness and whole person well being. 


Winds of change targets the most limiting beliefs we have about ourselves and life. On this Journey we'll anchor into safety in our own bodies. Together we will explore core emotions like anger, sadness, joy, and fear. We’ll shift relational programming around our connection with the earth, our families, and our community. On this journey we will transform our understanding and relationship to the source of life to feel infinitely interconnected through our experience of reality. Join us for this powerful immersive journey! 


To join us you will need space to express and move freely.

Early Bird Pricing Before April 1st
Sliding Scale $180-$300 Per Month
($45 - $75 per 2 hour session)

After April 1st
Sliding Scale $280-$400 Per Month
($70-$100 per 2 hour session)

Limited space available!

2 Hour Experiential Zoom Calls
Thursdays 6-8pm CT

Cameron Grayson will be leading this 4 month Journey. As an attuned facilitator who has​ years of experience with facilitating group Integral Breath Therapy, Cameron will track your individual experience as well as the group dynamics to create a safe supportive container for your journey. 

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