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Tendig Grief Together 3 Month

Tending Grief Together

January 2024

Wednesdays @ 6pm CT


We are meant to grieve in community, to be witnessed and supported by others. Yet our society tends to grieve in solitude, if at all. In this 7 week online space we honor this tender place, we allow our grief to metabolize and move through

our emotional body through processing, tears, and

sometimes even rage, in a supportive space.


Grief is not meant to be held alone.

Our culture views grief as something to overcome quickly and to keep private. Grief can be an overwhelming emotional experience that can often be challenging to find a space for in this world. This 3 month long community offering is a space for individuals who are struggling with their experience of grief, both within themselves and their larger community. Here we will be creating a group culture where we get to create a healthy relationship to our grief and learn how to bring our grief into community to be held with others.


It’s not possible to go through this life without experiencing grief. Weather it's the loss of a loved one, loss of a part of ourselves, loss of culture, loss of land and environment, or the ancestral grief that has carried down through generations, we will all inevitably experience loss. 


The challenging part of this natural and common life experience is how our culture has kept us from having space for our grief. We’ve been convinced that grief is too much. It can feel like a lot.. And it’s never too much, especially when held and loved in community. In this space we remember how we as humans are meant to experience grief with grace, support, and a way of being that allows the full spectrum of grief.


What will we be doing?

  • Embodied movement/somatic release

  • Writing & sharing

  • Connection space geared toward witnessing & hearing grief

  • Community singing/vocal expression

  • Connecting with nature & the elements

  • Altar creation

  • Honoring grief as sacred

  • Quiet/reflection time

  • Integration Practices 

  • Includes a WhatsApp Grief Community Group


Benefits of Tending to our grief


  • Release suppressed emotions which helps prevent depression and/or burnout

  • Regulate and co-regulate our nervous system(s)

  • Develop a positive relationship with grief and associated emotions

  • Return grief to its sacred origin

  • Validate and normalize the process of grieving

  • Feel held and seen by others

  • Acknowledge grief and love are interwoven thus you increase your capacity for love when you make room for grief


Why 7 weeks?


Together we will be creating a new way of being, a culture that’s safe for the grieving parts of us to lean into. Within these 7 sessions we start to remember how important it is to bring grief into community. The 7 sessions are here to support with consistency, safety, connection and culture creation.


What if I miss a session?


Each session will be recapped with the prompts, exercises, and activities we partook in. There will not be recordings to honor the grief process. However, you will receive an email after the session that goes over all of the practices we did in the session to either do on your own or with a friend. We will also have a whatsapp group that youre welcome to post in to keep in connection with the community consistently, even if you miss a week.


Wednesday Evenings 6pm CT


 The cost of this program is sliding scale 

$140 ($20 per session) - $280 ($40 per session)

Paying the most that you can offers accessibility others who may not be able to afford to pay.

(Payment plans are available)

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