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January 23, 2018

A dance
between giving 
and receiving
all living 
all breathing
cutting through frustration
the causation
for the trees
that let me breathe
as I receive
I am able to give
to live 
to full potential 
and give what is essential 
to breathe.. Love
this burning ember
air is okay to breathe


January 2, 2018

The air that we share 

advising us to take care

Grieving, breathing, 

feeling, healing

You’ve shown me, me

And now that I can see

I will show

Those who are low 

How easy it is to glow

With space

Space between who we think we are

And the true self that came from the stars

Gratitude for the space 

that showed me that there is no race

No competition 

No one to be

No mission

Now I can see 

Just a vision

Offering perspective 

that is so connective 


December 8, 2017

Conscious communication 
Let's change this vibration
From low to high
Root down and touch the sky 
Learn from our lessons
How to let go when things end
When they all go from right to wrong 
Taking sides all day long
Theres a battle field in my head
Those are the days that I just want to stay in bed
But we have seeds to plant
For those people that can’t
That can’t root down and get outta their head
To say this is the body that i was gifted
This is the body that will be lifted
Liberated out of this heaviness 
This heaviness that makes life feel heaven less
So we’re here to open the eyes
To say wake up its our time to fly
To soar through the wind with little resistance 
And just hope that they’ll be listenin 
To this vibration that is changing 
Subtly but so powerful to some it might be raging
Raging through their blood through their bones
Saying get up out of bed share the tones
Of the conscious vibration