Reiki is a technique used for relaxation and healing. It is of the Japanese tradition. The word Reiki is made of two words, Rei is higher power wisdom and Ki means life force energy. It is a hands on technique. The healing energy flows through my hands as they are guided towards energetic blockages or imbalances. Those imbalances and blockages can be result of habitual thought processes, physical, mental, or emotional trauma or even daily anxiety and stress. In my sessions I hold a loving space for healing to happen so that you can finally release what is no longer serving you. Reiki can help you heal and move towards wholeness to live a lighter and less stressful life.

Long distance healing session also available.

Sliding Scale

30 minutes   $30-$50

60 minutes   $60-$80

Prices for Reiki & Magical Awakening

30 minutes   $40-$60

60 minutes   $70-$80

75 minutes   $90

Another option: I can let the energy flow until I feel everything has been worked on and cleared. Ranging from 30 to 75 minutes.

Cameron Grayson

(609) 433-1697