Magical Awakening is a very powerful energy healing. It can help reduce mental emotional and physical tension and clear out any energetic blockages that are no longer serving you. Unlike Reiki it is a hands off technique that can often feel like it’s working on the whole body at once. Magical awakening can help burn out negative energy, nurture and restore, and help enhance spiritual wisdom. It is a very expansive technique that has many flavors of energy and many layers of the self that it can dive into. The healing comes from the Celtic lineage and is overseen by God-wizard Merlin and the Goddess known as Lady of the Lake. There are 8 levels of this energy healing and I am attuned through level 6.

Sliding Scale

30 minutes   $30-$50

60 minutes   $60-$80

Prices for Reiki & Magical Awakening

30 minutes   $40-$60

60 minutes   $70-$80

75 minutes   $90

Another option: I can let the energy flow until I feel everything has been worked on and cleared. Ranging from 30 to 75 minutes.

Cameron Grayson

(609) 433-1697