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Transportable Somatically Experiential Visionary Art Instillation 

Birth is our first accomplishment, our first transition from one way of being to another. It is a death and rebirth as the fetus dies to the living, breathing, baby.


Our initial experience is deeply imprinted on all levels, and affects our way of being in the world, it has been found that we repeat this initial pattern in our adult lives during the process of accomplishment. In intentionally re-patterning the birth space we are able to impact the way we move through transition and change in our adult lives.


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The cosmic womb is a portal of transformation, where we have the opportunity to experience a healthy autonomous transition from one way of being to the next. In this space, we will utilize various modalities of holistic healing to support in this process


We are currently open to receiving funding for this project. The physical art structure will be a 20 foot inflatable womb and birth canal. The current estimated cost including marketing is $12,000​.

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