Live the life you love

Love the life you live!

As a coach, Cameron will support

you in living & cultivating your truth, values, & passions to embody the fulfilling experience of life you wish to create.

Together you will explore, clarify, and ground the feelings, visions, and ideas that will carry you toward your highest potential and passion.

As a bright eyed and curious child, Cameron Grayson always loved to explore. These explorations grew as she did. Expanding from the excitement of exploring nature, into a deep passion for exploring the internal world of herself and others. She soon discovered her passion for supporting individuals through the process of actualizing a sense of wholeness in all aspects of their lives. Curiosity is still what carries Cameron through this world. She believes that through curiosity,

life opens and expands in ways that we never previously imagined. These new possibilities create

opportunities that completely transform our lives. 

Cameron’s compassion and curiosity naturally allow you to open to the inspiration of your highest reality.

This inspiration itself can break through any limiting beliefs around how life

“has to be” or “should be,” and shows us how life could be. 

Cameron is a certified *whole person life coach. She combines multiple different modalities to shape each session for the individuals needs. Her coaching background offers a grounded, goal oriented approach, and her background in the practice of compassionate circling (description below) offers present moment holding and witnessing of any experience that arises. Through the journey of discovering her truth, passions, and purpose she attained conscious communication tools, Internal Family Systems exercises, and energetic psychology systems that now support some of her clients biggest transformations. Below are some experiences Cameron helps support individuals through, and some explanations

of the other work Cameron does that she integrates into her sessions.

-Live a fulfilling life

-Bring your dreams into reality

-Tap into creativity

-Move past limiting beliefs 

-Overcome FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real)

-Open to the multiple possibilities of life

-Feel more peaceful and centered

-Feel alive and passionate about life 

-Live from a place of authenticity

-Discover unknown strengths and skills

-Establish and maintain healthy boundaries with others

-Become more self-aware and improve self-care

-Communicate clearly and openly
-Manage emotional communications and frustrations 

-Deepen the capacity to connect with others
-Respond more effectively when faced with conflict

-Reduce stress and frustration

-Overcome self-sabotaging habits 

-Manage difficult transitions 

-Attract healthy, desirable relationships

-Honor yourself in relationships and ask for the things you need
-Learn patience, trust and respect for self and others

-Develop the capacity to make faster and better decisions
-Recognize the potential impact of a choice and understand 

-Manage and overcome self-doubt
-Develop or enhance a spiritual pathway  

-Have Fun!

Are you ready take the next step toward a life of authenticity and freedom? 



Cameron facilitates and practices group Authentic Relating, Circling, and Creativity Workshops


Authentic Relating Games, put simply, are a place to practice being human. Throughout the session you’ll be led by experienced facilitators in playing ‘games’—experiential exercises designed to deepen your connection with yourself and the other participants, in an environment where it’s safe to express how you really feel. 


Circling is an organic, in-the-moment interpersonal process that’s equal parts art form, meditation, and group conversation — all designed to allow a visceral experience of connection and understanding of another person’s world, celebrating who and where they are right now. It’s practicing using our genuine curiosity to better understand and become a connoisseur of another person’s world though present moment awareness while breaking through the assumptions and projections we have about each other.


In Cameron’s Creativity Workshops she focuses on putting the internal experience into the external through various practices, for the healing and cultivation of internal and external harmony and synergy. 

Contact her for a free 15 minute phone call to discover how She can be of service in your life!

Cameron Grayson

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