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Cameron supports powerful humans in taking a deep dive toward their most authentic

essence of self to live a life fully aligned with their true nature and highest purpose. 

Together you will transform your experience by rewiring your way of perceiving, believing, and being to create the fulfilling and authentic experience of life you wish to embody.

Cameron’s mission is to make a high universal impact through conscious transformation, unconditional compassion, supportive community, collective integration, and creative visual liberation. She believes in an undivided reality where the whole self of each individual and the collective is welcome, integrated, and supported in a safe and regenerative way. Her own, and her community’s embodiment of their authentic selves has created a welcoming and inclusive environment that expands into the larger world community.

Together you might explore these modalities..

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Whole Person Coaching

Whole person coaching supports you to come to deeply know your whole self. In doing so you can more effectively align to your greatest potential to create and manifest what truly matters most to you in your life.

Learn more about Cameron as a coach and her experience with supporting others.

Integral Breath Therapy

Access an altered state of consciousness to clear out physical, mental and emotional blocks, tensions, and stuck belief systems using Integral Breath Therapy, a unique experiential technique. This modality can release toxins in the body and boost the immune system as well as target beliefs that can create illness.

Learn more about the power of Integral Breath Therapy.

Internal Family Systems

IFS is a transformative, modality that helps people heal by accessing and loving their protective and wounded inner parts. We believe the mind is naturally multiple and that is a good thing. Just like members of a family, inner parts are forced from their valuable states into extreme roles within us. We also all have a core Self. Self is in everyone. It can’t be damaged. It knows how to heal. By helping people first access their Self and, from that core, come to understand and heal their parts, IFS creates inner and outer connectedness.

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Authentic Relational Practice

Authentic Relating (AR) is the practice of freely expressing your true experience in the company of others.


Expressing in this way enables you to create connections in the world based on who you really are. 

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Conscious Creativity & Expression

Bring your internal world into the external for release, integration, and healing using visual art. Learn how to express what you sense and experience using visual art techniques that rewire our perception of our experience. These creative methods are used to explore emotions, develop self-awareness, cope with stress, and boost self-esteem.

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